Chiropractic Techniques

There are several different techniques used here at Evergreen Life Chiropractic. Here are some short descriptions of them.

Torque Release Technique - This technique is done with a hand-held instrument called an integrator. The integrator is FDA approved and allows for a very specific adjustment at a speed that human hands are incapable of producing. A specific protocol allows the doctor to find the primary subluxations in a person's spine, allowing optimal improvement to the nervous system.

Thompson Drop Table - This technique utilizes a table that has dropping mechanisms. It allows the doctor to provide adjustments with very low force. The thrust provided by the doctor begins the movement, while the drop helps the joint go through the rest of the motion.

Activator Method - The activator method, like torque release technique, utilizes a hand held instrument. It is a common technique among chiropractors due to its ability to provide low force, high speed adjustments.

Webster - This technique is specifically for pregnant women. It involves an analysis of the sacrum/SI joint. If dysfunction is present, it is corrected with a gentle adjustment. The adjustment allows the pelvic ligaments and muscles to relax, normalizing pelvic neuro-biomechanics.


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