Dr. Kristen's Story

Hello! I'm Dr. Kristen Lazzell and welcome to my office! If you were referred to me by a friend or family member, then you may already know about the passion I have for being able to help people through Chiropractic. There are so many exciting things about what I do. I want people to experience health the way that nature intended us to!

You may be wondering how I found my passion for helping others and why I chose to do that through Chiropractic, so let me tell you my story. Growing up, my outward appearance was much different than the inside. I excelled at sports, did great in school and was constantly surrounded by friends. Living the life right? What few people knew was that I was struggling with bad anxiety and depression that stopped me from truly enjoying the great life right in front of me. I was always wondering what was wrong with me. Why was I so often sad, lonely, and completely drained of energy? I finally hit a point where enough was enough and I had to make a big change in my life.

I turned to the universe to lead me in a positive direction and boy did it answer! I was introduced to a chiropractor with a true belief and love for her profession. She made the same commitment to me that I had made to myself to change my life for the better. Through consistent Chiropractic care I was able to see the amazing benefits it was having on my anxiety and depression and other ailments I had been suffering from for years. I had turned my life around and found my passion in the process. Improving the health and well-being for people with Chiropractic care is what I was meant to do with my life.

One patient that has always stuck with me is Beth; a young woman who came into the office after being in an awful car accident with her 18-month-old daughter, Lily. Her desperation was apparent. She was in tears during her initial exam, not only because of the pain, but also because of the sadness she felt for no longer being able to play with her precious little girl. The accident had taken away her greatest joy in life. After just one adjustment, the look of relief on Beth's face was priceless and one I will never forget. Within a few weeks, I began to see Beth come back to life. Not only had her pain gone away, but she noticed her energy level was the best it had been post pregnancy. She went from a woman skeptical and fearful of Chiropractic to such a believer that she gave me the privilege of adjusting her beautiful daughter. Not only was she able to understand her daughter's fragile body had received the same force as hers during the accident, but that Lily would be able to thrive under Chiropractic care. I witnessed a victim become a hero for herself and her daughter. It was a great reminder of how lucky I am to have Chiropractic to serve the world.

I have a very high commitment level as a chiropractor and I aim to treat every person who comes into my office as family. It fills me with joy to be able to help others through Chiropractic and watch them reclaim not only their health, but their lives. I welcome the opportunity to help people of all ages and ailments. Be a hero to your health and to those who look up to you. I look forward to welcoming you to the Evergreen Family!


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