Three Types of Patients

Category Three

The category three patient is the more challenging of the three types of patients. The patient prefers to complicate situations. Some examples would be refusing to go to the New Patient Orientation, does not respect the doctor's advice or time, and often are difficult to get payment from. These types of patients are a small percentage of those in the office. Often they do not follow the care plan or stay under care long enough to see their condition approve. This will be at the fault of the doctor in their eyes. A doctor will always do their best with every patient regardless of how easy or difficult they are to work with, but the category three patient is not one that the doctor particularly enjoys working with. I know none of you reading this want to be a category three patient!

Category Two

The next type of patient is a category two patient. They are the majority of patients in the office. In many instances, these patients become the model patient after receiving the education and recommendations from the doctor. Most of them refer other patients, follow the doctor's recommendations and stay until their condition has improved. Unfortunately, not many of these patients graduate into Wellness Care. Many times, once they feel well, they leave the office until either their problem reoccurs or a new one comes up. This patient is caught up in symptom relief care rather than wanting to take the steps to true wellness.

Category One

Category one patients are the ones most likely to go into Wellness care. These are the patients who follow the doctor's recommendations, are first in line to sign up for the New Patient Orientation, pay on time and are a constant referral source. They like to be educated on chiropractic and really grasp the concept that there is a need for care even when they can't notice any symptoms. They know that dis-ease within the body can be silent. These patients are usually excited for care and the doctor is just as excited to have them in their office. If you are looking to create a healthier lifestyle and will do whatever you can to achieve it, then you are most likely in this category of patient.


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