Three Types of Chiropractic Care

There are three types of care offered here at Evergreen Life.

1. Initial Intensive Care - This type of care focuses on the symptom(s) or condition(s) that a patient comes into the office with. It is designed to provide maximum relief and upfront healing. The goal is to get rid of the most recent damage done by vertebral subluxations within the spine. The length of this phase of care is dependent on a few factors such as age and level of health. With the recommended frequency of care, the average amount of time before moving onto Reconstructive Care is a short few months. Younger patients usually require less time in this phase due to less subluxation degeneration.

2. Reconstructive Care - This is an exciting phase of care because the focus is now whole body health rather than relieving a specific complaint. After many years of injuries to the spine, there are layers of damage that are able to be addressed in this phase of care.Your nervous system springs back to life as your body begins to regain the health that it had lost. This phase of care decreases in frequency of visits and can last anywhere from weeks to months depending on the amount of damage built up around the spine.

3. Wellness Care - Our favorite type of care! Call it regular check ups for your spine and nervous system. After going through initial intensive care and reconstructive care, the body is ready to express total health. Your body has responded to chiropractic care and healed itself of the layers of damage on the spine. This type of care is an ongoing process because we very easily add new layers of injury and damage to our spine. Getting adjusted a few times a month will allow healing of those new layers of injury and not allow them to layer up as they had in the past. This allows the body to function at its greatest level of health!


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